Why us?

We have gathered alternative and unconventional health care options and healing methods from all around the world at one place, if there is the slightest chance for your illness to be treated properly, you’ll find it with our experts. Once you finish the therapy in our center, you’ll be sure you’ve done everything for your health.

How To Choose The Right Type of Massage

Alternative health care options we offer

Natural herbs to treat immune diseases

It is a large group of activities and therapy methods we provide and all of them are based on various natural herbs and their extracts capable of treating immune and allergy diseases. After diagnosing your condition properly, our medical experts will prescribe you astragalus root, dried lemon balm leaf or any other adequate natural treatment.

Eastern medical approach to osteopathy

We provide all conventional rehabilitation and physical medicine treatments, but specific therapy based upon various types of yoga combined with hydrotherapy, massage, and thermotherapy are the unique approach we provide to treat all sort of osteopathy and arthritis.

News from alternative health care methods

Green tea to boost your memory

One of the remedies we use to help our patients with Alzheimer’s disease and various other cognitive impairments and types of dementia has been proven as successful in the recent large study. It includes green tea and its products and their capacity to help regeneration of important groups of neurons.

Cuppling – ancient treatment in the modern age

Though it might look like a sort of massage, cuppling won’t make you feel relaxed, but work in rather therapeutic manner. This ancient approach to patients with muscle injuries or diseases is becoming popular again, especially among professional athletes.

Thermotherapy to treat back pain

Another alternative approach to such a common condition is gaining its popularity significantly. Thermotherapy uses low voltage electricity or other methods of applying heat to your bones and muscles to suppressinflammation and consequentially release you from chronic pain.

Fight cancer with amygdalin

Amygdalin is a substance found in apricot pits, and it possesses some superpowers useful when fighting malignant diseases in an alternative way. There are protocols similar to conventional chemotherapy, only safer and less unpleasant, based upon intake of this substance that has given some intriguingly great results.

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